Staff Administration

The staff you need will become B.V.B. RECRUIT emplyee. We take  all legal responsibilities as an employer. These issues relate to:

  • payment of salaries, related taxes;
  • management of individual employment contracts.


B.V.B. Recruit will manage payroll for employees:

  • Salary calculation;
  • Manage relationship with authorities;
  • Administration of personal documents;
  • Advices regarding legislation issues.

Temporary work

Whether you need staff for product launches, trade shows, accidents, maternity or other situations, we offer the opportunity to supplement the staff you need.

Permanent placement

B.V.B. RECRUIT uses its own database and a clear methodology that is designed to reduce the time and resources to this process. We are professionals and we assure perfect matching between job requirements and candidates proposed.


B.V.B. RECRUIT provides training programs to employees, programs aimed to integrate to adapt the staff  as quickly as possible within your organization.

We always want to be close to your needs and close to the staff that we provide; by all necessary means we do everything that we can so that your company to inscrease with the best people in the market.